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Does the zipline go to the glacier? No, it would be really difficult to build a zipline on ice, but we're thinking about it!

Does the zipline go across the river? No, we do not own the property across the river. It's also difficult to get government permission to put cables across a river.

How many ziplines are there? It's One. Big. Zip. It's a big, fast ride that takes about a minute. The entire trip takes about an hour. But the new G2 opens Aug. 23 and there will be TWO BIG ZIPS.

How fast do you go? It depends a lot on the wind. We've clocked at over 40 mph. Riders on the G2 have gone over 60 mph.

What if I'm too scared to step off the tower? This happens. You'll get a few minutes to try then you go back inside the gate while others zip. Then you can try one more time before walking back down the stairs. Sorry, no refunds.

Here's a great comparison of two local ziplines from a journalist: Alaska.com

One. Big. Zip.

The longest, fastest zipline within 800 miles.
The closest Anchorage Zipline.
Ride the "Nitro", 1,500 Feet of Adrenaline.

First, you ascend the three-story tower to start your flight. Enjoy a great view of the surrounding mountains and the river almost 200 feet below. But you can barely see the end of the zipline cable because it's over 1/4 of a mile away!

Then take the "leap of faith" and fly. The anticipation will get your palms sweaty, and the initial drop will really get your heart pumping. You'll fly down the cable then enter the forest and coast to the end of the line. It's One Big Zip!

Aug. 23-Sept. 8, Preview the NEW longest, fastest zipline in the area.

Ride the new G2 and fly off a cliff 250 feet above the Matanuska River. 2200 feet long. Our Zip Test Pilots have reached over 63 mph! Special Preview Opening Aug. 23 - Sept. 8.
More on the new G2 Zipline.

The closest Anchorage Zipline in Alaska.

Minimum age of 7 years. Participants must weigh 60 - 235 pounds. Maximum 42" waist.

Trip Check In Times hourly from 11:30am to 6:30pm.
Walk Ins welcome on weekends but please call before coming out to zip.

Book a Combo Package. More Adventure, More Value.
Save up to 15%.

Nitro Alaska Zipline offered as a Joint Venture with Glacier View Adventures. Visit Glacier View, 100 miles from Anchorage on the Scenic Glenn Highway. ZIPLINE closes for winter on Sept. 8 !

Zipline Adventure

Cost: Adults $49,
12 & Under $39

Group Discount:
Book as 6 ADULTS and enter 6ZIP in the Discount Code for a rate of $39/person.


Approximately 1 hour.
Minimums: Age 7 years,
60 Pounds
Max Weight of 235 Pounds
Max Waist 42"

Zipline Tours Check-In at Glacier View Adventures, Mile 99, Glenn Highway.

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Book a Combo Adventure and save up to 15%.

Trek & Zip Package. Start with the Ice Fall Trek then jump on the Zipline for an exciting finish to the day.

Climb & Zip Package. Like adrenaline? Combine Ice Climbing with a ride on the Nitro Zipline.

More on Adventure Packages. Spend the night in Glacier View and do it all!

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More Details

What to wear:
Casual clothes and closed toe shoes good for walking.
No flip flops or sandals.

A Word on Safety Your safety is our top priority. The trip and your participation may be adjusted as needed due to weather or condition of participants.

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